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Custom Solutions

Accelerating body repair cycle times.

Body repair is not simply a service issue, it’s a business problem in need of a  solution that serves your fleet's strategy. The causes of vehicle damage can’t be fully controlled, but the repair process should be. 

The most common ways companies address body repair issues are by creating an in-house body shop or outsourcing repairs to a third party. Neither of those approaches is ideal and come with their own specific problems. 

As a trusted partner, we are committed to continuous improvement and process innovation because we know that broken processes lead to broken promises. That's why we are dedicated to the proprietary Rally Lean System. And our system has saved our fleet partners millions of dollars in repair costs.

Lean System

Rally Lean System

5 Days.png

Maintenance repair cycle times regularly see improvements through innovation, but body repair remains stubbornly resistant to transformation. We collaborate with our fleet partners to design and deploy the innovative Rally Lean System, utilizing lean process principles which identify and drive out inefficiencies and save our customers time and money.

The Rally Lean System Advantage

  • Guaranteed Priority Time Slots—No waiting in line for your trucks

  • Guaranteed Average Cycle Time—World class time savings

  • Real-time Repair Status Visibility—Keep up with the process in our Customer Portal

  • Detailed Cycle Time Reporting—View your repair history at any time

The Rally Lean System delivers world-class results for our fleet partners. But because their fleets are unique, the implementation of the System can take on different forms. Custom solutions take into consideration the unique needs of our partners and design accordingly.  

Case Study: U.S. Xpress, Inc.

When we first connected with U.S. Xpress, they were using multiple third-party vendors for their body repairs. ​

Cycle times were high

​Quality of work was inconsistent

Rework was common


Day Avg Cycle Time

Following our success in South Carolina, we embedded in 4 additional U.S. Xpress locations in GA, FL, and TX.



During our partnership, we've 

Produced world-class work 

Lowered cycle time dramatically

Embedded on 6 yards

Day Cycle Time


Screen Shot 2022-07-28 at 9.30.47 PM.png

Embedded Model

Rally was brought in to improve the repair process in a South Carolina yard and set up an on-yard shop. Implementation of the Rally Lean System immediately created excellent improvement in cycle time.

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